The Overhaul of Operating System GUI

The first complete portable computing device created by Microsoft 2.Designed to allow proper use of the touch based revolutionary operating system Windows 8.


This page contains links to information on how to set up and use your Microsoft LifeCam. If you followed the setup instructions and installed the software correctly, you should be ready to use your LifeCam. If this is your first LifeCam, the following topics will help you get started:

Surface tablet a big reversal for Microsoft

Microsoft is officially entering the tablet wars with the Surface. What a difference a year can make. Perhaps the most interesting part about the upcoming Windows tablet, at least from a business perspective, is that Microsoft is building it from end to end. Unlike with PCs and smartphones, there’s no involvement from the likes of HP, Dell or Nokia. The Surface is going to be a Microsoft product through and through, as evidenced by the Windows logos all over it.

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